COMING OF AGE HISTORICAL ROMANCE: A PERIOD NOVEL, HISTORICAL FICTION, dramatizing 1960 social warriors, Beatniks, HUAC, San Francisco riots, Allen Ginsberg, Astrology, Bohemian Paris, Henry Miller, Baudelaire, SEX, ORGIES, LOVE.
Authored by Dr. Lloyd R Free
List Price: $14.95
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
342 pages
Sugarhill Press
ISBN-13: 978-1948664004 
ISBN-10: 1948664003 
BISAC: Fiction / Coming of Age
“My name is Renny. My story happened a long time ago in 1960 during the beatnik era. I saw the world through bohemian eyes. I wanted to be the new Jack Kerouac but love got in the way. I have to admit that love was in the air. I fell for it. Hard. When I try to explain how I felt, such a sudden bolt of lightning, I can hardly find the words. Sometimes I strayed from that love and toyed with sex and orgies. I’m not ashamed of it. After all I was only 20. Sometimes I regret what happened but life’s an amazing adventure no matter how it ends. What happened to me? Well you could use your imagination and guess or you could read my story and accompany me on my exciting voyage of discovery.” 
What was Beatnik San Francisco like in 1960? What if you were a Social Justice Warrior and the cops beat you to a pulp? Fight or flight? 
BITTERSWEET captures the zeitgeist of 1960: America transitioning from the gray decade of Eisenhower and McCarthy to JFK and Camelot; The House on Un-American Activities Committee versus the flourishing Beatnik counterculture. Its two protagonists, Renny and Max, students at Berkeley, flirt with Beat poetry, Allen Ginsberg and Kenneth Rexroth, Bebop, and student led civil rights demonstrations. They join the SLATE organized anti-HUAC demonstration turned riot at San Francisco City Hall. The police billy clubs change their lives forever. To escape a withering culture of night sticks, sexual repression and censorship, they sail to France, land of the Enlightenment and sexual liberation where they shed their adolescence and become young men. Join them on their epic, unforgettable journey into an incandescent world of vivid characters, romance, sex and love.

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